The Council of Interfaith Communities of the United States (CIC-USA)

BIG I 2015 Register Now 150x186 for CIC siteis a democratic religious ecclesiastic body of independently-organized interfaith, multifaith, and interspiritual congregations, communities, and seminaries throughout the United States. We invite you to learn about us and our vision to create, nurture and sustain the opportunities for everyone to have a place of worship, community and service that allows them freedom of spiritual expression and the chance to create inclusive places according to our Declaration of Principles now listed on our “Beliefs” page.

CIC USA Gathering of Light Interspiritual Fellowship 450x233

CIC-USA Member Community: Gathering of Light Interspiritual Fellowship ~ Melville, NY

We are not creating the “religion of interfaith,” but honoring “Interfaith as a spiritual expression.” It is already a thriving spiritual expression in this country and around the world. For over two decades, clergy and lay members have come together in regular community interfaith* services. Interfaith Ministers are also serving in hospitals, hospices, law enforcement and in education as chaplains, spiritual counselors, and educators. CIC-USA provides an ecclesiastical home. The CIC-USA is one country component of the greater World Council of Interfaith Communities now represented on three continents.

To find an interfaith-multifaith-interspiritual community in your area, please visit our membership page. If you are interested in starting a community, please contact our staff which can provide guidance and advice.

CIC USA Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution

CIC-USA Member Community: Darshan Ctr. for Spiritual Evolution in Wilton Manors, FL

May peace and love be with you and fill you as you find your true path of spiritual expression…


The Council of Interfaith Communities of the United States
Reverend Jo Ann Barrett MSC, CASAC
Gathering of Light Interspiritual Fellowship, Long Island, NY
Chairperson of the Board of Directors, CIC-USA


CIC-USA was the presenting organization at the Parliament of World Religions in December 2009.councilimage002 89x73CIC-USA is a member organization of the North American Interfaith Network (NAIN).

The Interfaith respondent at the 2009 United Nations Week of Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns

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Council of Interfaith Communities of the United States